Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 31, Number 1, August 1995
Russian Edition January 1995


A geoelectric model of the Tien-Shan
V. V. Belyavskiy

Magnetic properties of rocks in the 2A and 2B oceanic crust layers: Hole 504B, DSDP and ODP projects
D. M. Pechersky and L. V. Tikhonov

Highly ferrous basalts of Iceland and their magnetic properties
V. I. Trukhin, V. A. Zhilyayeva, V. Yu. Safroshkin, Yu. S. Genshaft, and A. G. Gorshkov

Acoustic structure in rock samples and the seismic process
V. B. Smirnov, A. V. Ponomarev, and A. D. Zavyalov

Diagenesis of magnetic minerals in sediments of the Lakes Pleshcheyevo and Glubokoye
V. E. Pavlov and V. I. Bagin

Paleomagnetic record of geomagnetic excursions and secondary magnetization of rocks
V. A. Bolshakov

Green's temperature function for a homogeneous isotropic medium
A. S. Vshivtsev, O. G. Kosareva, and E. M. Chesnokov

Evaluation of errors in satellite altimetry data compared to gravimetric materials
L. K. Zheleznyak and V. N. Koneshev

Automated search for faults on satellite photographs of inaccessible areas of the Kyzylkum Sands
L. I. Morozova

The so-called "causal" analysis and information theory
B. S. Svetov

Answer to the paper by B. S. Svetov, "The so-called 'causal' analysis and its application to study of experimental data"
S. M. Korotayev

Review and opinion on the papers of S. M. Korotayev published in Fizika Zemli and on the letters of B. S. Svetov and S. M. Korotayev
M. S. Pinsker

Nature of the Earth crust's electric conductivity, an international symposium
L. L. Van'yan

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