Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 35, Number 2, October 1995
Russian Edition February 1995


Particular features in the record of the large Himalayan earthquake on the central Atlantic Ocean floor and dispersion of long-period Love waves
E. V. Voronina, D. G. Levchenko, S. L. Soloviev, and A. V. Son'kin

Investigation traces of paleotsunamis for tsunamizoninig
R. F. Bulgakov, V. V. Ivanov, V. N. Kramushin, M. M. Pevsner, and L. D. Sulerdgeatskiy

Temporal regularities in distribution of deep earthquakes during 1963-1979
L. A. Polikarpova, A. A. Malinovskiy, Yu. F. Belavina, and A. M. Polikarpov

Structural evolution of a cooling magma chamber
A. G. Simakin and V. P. Trubitsyn

Electrical conductivity anomalies in the mantle of the Sakhalin Island as compared with other regions
M. V. Rodkin and V. Yu. Semenov

Elastic anisotropy of rocks, 1, An oriented system of pores of arbitrary concentration
I. O. Bayuk and V. A. Kalinin

A generalized iterative-dissipative method for calculating the electromagnetic field in an inhomogeneous medium with regard to displacement currents
B. Sh. Singer and E. B. Fainberg

Ambiguity problems in constructing a seismic crustal model for the southeastern Barents Sea
E. A. Morozova, N. I. Pavlenkova, and R. Herbst

Petromagnetic typification of gold-bearing black shale strata
A. K. Alekseyeva and L. E. Sholpo

Balavadze Benedikt Konstantinovich (85th birthday)

To the memory of M. E. Artemiev

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