Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 31, Number 3, October 1995
Russian Edition March 1995


Rupture process evolution in the source of the Shikotan Earthquake of 1969
R. N. Burymskaya

Elastic anisotropy of rocks. 2. An oriented system of cracks of arbitrary concentration
I. O. Bayuk and V. A. Kalinin

Electromagnetic field scattering in a heterogeneous Earth: A solution to the forward problem
O. V. Pankratov, D. B. Avdeyev, and A. V. Kuvshinov

Magnetopetrological study of formation conditions of the crustal interior of continents: A case study of kimberlite xenoliths from Yakutia, Siberia
Yu. S. Genshaft, N. A. Mironova, D. M. Pechersky, Z. V. Sharonova, V. A. Tsel'movich, Z. V. Spetsius, and I. P. Ilupin

A short-term electromagnetic precursor of earthquakes
O. R. Ayrumyan

The geomagnetic reversal Tvera-Gilbert in East Georgian sediments
G. Z. Gurariy and I. A. Kudasheva

Recording of ultralow-frequency oscillations by a 52.5-m laser strainmeter
A. V. Davydov and G. I. Dolgikh

A method for determining lateral variations of surface wave velocity from the data of azimuthal anomalies
T. B. Yanovskaya

On the possibility of absolute displacements of subduction zones
V. V. Zakharov and M. N. Shapiro

Bank of Arctic seismological data
G. P. Avetisov and A. A. Vinnik

Fractal geometry of brittle failure at antiplanar shear
I. R. Stakhovsky

Regional workshop Methods and algorithms in the study of regional seismicity and seismic hazard assessment in Crimea-Caucasus-Kopet Dag region
V. I. Ulomov

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