Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 31, Number 4, November 1995
Russian Edition April 1995


On deformation processes in the northeastern part of the Carpathian-Balkan region
L. A. Latynina, T. Z. Verbitskiy, and V. V. Ignatishin

Experiment of automated processing of wide-angle reflected waves on the Baltic Shield
E. R. Sheikh-Zade

An extended range of storm microseisms
M. I. Yaroshevich and V. N. Yakhryushin

Experimental study of amplitude-frequency characteristics of a source-ground system
S. P. Vdovichenko, V. V. Gushchin, and V. A. Kudryavtsev

On determination of the boundary of a three-dimensional insulator
P. S. Martyshko

On the existence of nonpropagating oscillations in the vicinity of an elastic disturbance source in a layer overlying a half-space
N. I. Medvedev

Hydrogeological effects of contemporaneous crustal movements and their vibroseismic initiation
A. M. Gumen and I. G. Kissin

Space and time characteristics of internal sources of the geomagnetic fields on spectral data
N. V. Kulanin

Physico-geological interpretation of the anomalous geomagnetic field measured in the stratosphere
Yu. A. Tsvetkov, V. A. Belkin, Kh. D. Kanonidi, and A. L. Kharitonov

Secular variations of the geomagnetic field recorded in varved clays from the Ust'-Pyalka section
G. N. Petrova, E. Yu. Didenko, and V. G. Bakhmutov

A new fold test in paleomagnetism (rehabilitation of the mean test)
S. V. Shipunov

On kinetics of high-temperature air reduction of hematite
Yu. B. Voitkovsky, S. M. Kreynin, and M. L. Kharakhan

Magnetovariational gradient sounding in the Tyrrhenian basin
N. A. Palshin, Yu. M. Abramov, A. De Santis, A. Meloni, A. M. Poray-Koshits, V. S. Shneyer, and L. M. Abramova

Analysis of combined arrays applied in electromagnetic sounding
P. N. Aleksandrov

On a simplest forward problem of the land-based nuclear magnetic resonance method in tomographic sounding
A. V. Minin

To the memory of Academician Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sadovskiy (1904-1994)

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