Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 31, Number 5, December 1995
Russian Edition May 1995


On spatial periodicity of Recent vertical movements in China
V. A. Magnitskiy, I. V. Kalashnikova, and Petrov

Seismotectonics of Arctic Canada
G. P. Avetisov

Implications of altitude-dependent statistical characteristics of anomalous magnetic and gravity fields for inner structure of the continental crust
V. P. Pronin

Electrical properties of Precambrian Tien Shan rocks and their thermophysical-chemical activity at high pressures and temperatures
Muz. K. Bakiev, S. V. Surgutanov, Mel. K. Bakiev, and E. I. Parkhomenko

Data on paleointensity of the Earth's magnetic field in the interval 80-320 Ma and its interpretation
G. M. Solodovnikov

Geomagnetic field variations in Middle Asia for the last 4000 years
S. P. Burlatskaya, A. V. Lykov, and I. E. Chernykh

Deep magnetotelluric sounding with the use of the Australia-New Zealand cable, 2, Interpretation
L. L. Vanyan, N. A. Pal'shin, and I. A. Repin

Tectonic modeling of deformations in the upper crust of the Spitak, December 7, 1988, earthquake area
V. A. Galkin and A. S. Pachkalov

An effect of initial nonuniform stresses on the elastic properties of an isotropic body
A. S. Vshivtsev, K. B. Zhukovskiy, and E. M. Chesnokov

Scattering of longitudinal and shear waves by a single crack
S. D. Vinogradov, P. A. Troitskiy, and M. S. Solovieva

On the possibility of physical modeling of electromagnetic field in a conducting and polarizable medium
F. M. Kamenetskiy, P. V. Novikov, and V. M. Timofeyev

Geomagnetic field variations recorded in sediment of the Dzknaget section
G. N. Petrova, E. Yu. Didenko, and A. A. Vardanyan

Sasovo Explosions in 1991 and 1992
A. Yu. Ol'khovatov

Obituary: In memory of Yevgeniy Villiamovich Karus

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