Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 31, Number 6, January 1996
Russian Edition June 1995


Vladimir Aleksandrovich Magnitsky (80th birthday anniversary)

Investigation of a stress state and kinematics of the crust in areas of active formation of a depression (mathematical modeling)
A. S. Grigoryev and E. S. Nikitina

Focal mechanisms of the largest 1968-1979 earthquakes in the northern Lut zone, Iran, and their geological interpretation
L. M. Balakina, A. I. Zakharova, A. G. Moskvina, and L. S. Chepkunas

Seismic tomography of media with quasi-linear velocity distribution and absorbing inclusions
M. M. Lavrentiev, A. V. Bronnikov, Yu. Y. Voskoboynikov, S. M. Zerkal', and Y. A. Khogoyev

A gravity data inversion problem of the structural-orebody type
P. I. Balk and T. V. Balk

On ultralow frequency electromagnetic emission from an active geological medium
S. M. Krylov and N. N. Nikiforova

Shock compression of nitrides and carbides of metals
A. A. Bakanova, V. A. Bugayeva, I. P. Dudoladov, and R. F. Trunin

Variation of rock permeability around a deep-seated horizontal well
M. S. Mel'tser, A. B. Ogorodnova, and O. I. Rubinshteyn

Paleomagnetism of the upper Thvera-Thvera transitional zone in the Shirac Formation, Eastern Georgia: True reversal or partial remagnetization?
G. Z. Gurariy and I. A. Kudasheva

Specific features of the magnetization curves of an ensemble of chemically inhomogeneous two-phase grains
L. L. Afremov, A. Yu. Ralin, and P. V. Kharitonskiy

Impulse seismic source array with controllable directivity pattern
V. V. Gushchin and Yu. M. Zaslavskiy

On the fractal dimension of temporal similarity in a sequence of seismic events and hierarchical structure of the crust
V. A. Mukhamedov

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