Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 31, Number 7, February 1996
Russian Edition July 1995


Academician V. I. Starostenko (60th birthday)

Times of rebuilding of mantle flow beneath continents
A. M. Bobrov and V. P. Trubitsyn

Stress and seismic activity of the platform lithosphere: The effect of distance to a mid-oceanic ridge
A. F. Grachev and Sh. A. Mukhamediyev

Variations of high-frequency seismic noise levels in teleseismic wave fields
O. V. Pavlenko and A. P. Yakovlev

Dynamic correction of the amplitude curves of magnetotelluric sounding distorted by near-surface inhomogeneities
E. B. Faynberg, R. Geren, P. Andrieux, and O. L. Poltoratskaya

On a possible distortion of the nighttime ionospheric E region above a large-scale tectonic fault
V. P. Kim, V. V. Khegay, and L. I. Nikiforova

Statistical theory of adaptive recognition of low-contrast objects in geofields
A. A. Nikitin

Long-baseline laser interferometry study of the earthquake precursory lithospheric strains
Yu. B. Ivanov, V. A. Nasonkin, V. V. Nesterov, and V. N. Chekhov

Analysis of the seismic situation in the Zaysan 1990 earthquake zone by the scanning method
T. P. Polyakova, N. S. Medvedeva, and M. B. Stepanova

Paleomagnetic model of lateral movements of some blocks in the northeastern edge of the Siberian Plate
V. V. Popov and E. V. Shemyakin

Time dependencies of depositional magnetization process in sedimentary rocks
V. A. Shashkanov, A. A. Kosterov, L. M. Mokhamad, and A. V. Smirnov

A deep geoelectrical model of the Gorelyy, Kamchatka, volcano
Yu. F. Moroz and A. P. Skripnikov

Correlation dimension variability at the expense of fractal inhomogeneity (with an example of a Lorentz attractor)
I. A. Sidorin and V. B. Smirnov

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