Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 31, Number 8, March 1996
Russian Edition August 1995


"Nonclassical'' geoelectrics
B. S. Svetov

Equations of state and evolution of deformation anisotropy of layered massifs in fold formation: Mathematical modeling
Yu.L.Rebetskiy and O.I.Gushchenko

Material and field characteristics of piezoelectric rocks: Some exact results
V. A. Buryachenko and T. D. Shermergor

Two-layer templates for seafloor frequency soundings
L. L. Van'yan and Z. Yu. Dzhatiyeva

Deep structure and seismicity of the Spitak earthquake region, Armenia
G. V. Krasnopevtseva, A. G. Fremd, and V. I. Shatsilov

Seismotectonic deformation of the Dzhavakhetian upland
N. S. Tsereteli

Seismic signal stacking in the Baltic Sea
A. A. Ostrovskiy

High-pressure physical properties of cores from the deep Muruntauskaya borehole
Muz. Kh. Bakiyev, A. Kh. Bakiyev, A. Kh. Ibragimov, V. N. Lenkov, S. V. Surgutanov, and S. M. Kireyenkova

Variation in the response function of the groundwater table with atmospheric pressure in the Southern Kuriles, Shikotan Island
A. A. Lyubushin, Jr., and M. Yu. Lezhnev

Phase normalization of deep magnetotelluric sounding curves
M. N. Berdichevsky, V. P. Borisova, and N. S. Golubtsova

Technique of seismoacoustic observations
A. S. Belyakov and A. V. Nikolaev

International seminar on mathematical methods of texture analysis
I. P. Dobrovol'skiy

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