Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 31, Number 9, April 1996
Russian Edition September 1995


Thickness of the crust along the Irkutsk-Ulan-Bator-Undurshill profile from spectral ratios of body seismic waves
V. V. Mordvinova, Yu. A. Zorin, S. Gao, and P. M. Davis

Seismic and density modeling of the crust and upper mantle along the Quartz geotraverse
T. V. Romanyuk

Migration of local instabilities of spreading along the divergent plate boundary of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between the Marathon and Kane transforms
S. V. Aplonov and A. A. Trunin

Propagation of elastic waves in an anisotropic medium with initial stresses
A. S. Vshivtsev, A. V. Tatarintsev, and Y. M. Chesnokov

Frequency dispersion of electrical properties of an anisotropic medium
M. N. Berdichevsky, V. P. Gubatenko, and B. S. Svetov

Thermomagnetism of rocks under high pressure
V. I. Maksimochkin

Correlation of gravitational and seismic disturbances at time of the 1987A supernova burst
V. K. Kravchuk, V. N. Rudenko, and O. E. Starovoyt

The variations of ozone content in the atmosphere above strong earthquake epicenter
A. V. Tertyshinikov

Intensity of the Cretaceous and Devonian geomagnetic field
V. V. Metallova and Y. V. Luneva

False anomalies in the one-dimensional interpretation of magnetotelluric sounding curves
A. A. Kovtun and N. P. Legen'kova

Unstable motions in convection in the Earth's interior
V. A. Dubrovsky

Mapping earthquake source zones for seismic regionalization of North Eurasia. Working conference on the seismicity and seismic regionalization of North Eurasia program
V. I. Ulomov

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