Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 31, Number 10, May 1996
Russian Edition October 1995


Bimodal two-dimensional interpretation of magnetotelluric sounding
M. N. Berdichevsky, V. I. Dmitriev, and V. A. Kuznetsov

On the method of constructing petrophysical models of the crust: The Kola ultradeep well as an example
V. A. Kalinin, G. A. Efimova, and Y. V. Naumova

A set of seismic parameters and Recent tectonic movements in the Alpine tectonic belt. Part I. 1. Method of study. 2. Tien Shan and Pamirs
K. I. Kuznetsova, R. S. Mikhaylova, N. Kh. Bagmanova, A. M. Muraliev, L. M. Matasova, S. S. Seyduzova,, and O. V. Soboleva

A set of seismic parameters and Recent tectonic movements in the Alpine fold belt. Part 2. Caucasus
K. I. Kuznetsova, G. B. Khanutin, and N. V. Lukina

Chronology of the bottom of the Wharton Basin
A. A. Shreider, S. B. Stenszinski, and V. A. Lygin

Tensor form of the Green function in the boundary integral equations of electrodynamics of layered uniaxial-anisotropic media
S. S. Kevorkyants

Modification of the borehole core orientation method with the use of viscous magnetization
A. N. Didenko

Detrital magnetization of sedimentary rocks containing a multidomain magnetic mineral
A. V. Smirnov, V. A. Shashkanov, and A. A. Kosterov

On the development of Russian geophysics under the present-day conditions
V. N. Strakhov

Journal of Earthquake Prediction Research An International Journal for Researchers in Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, and Mining Sciences
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