Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 31, Number 11, June 1996
Russian Edition November 1995


Movement of the Source of the July 12, 1993, Earthquake in the Sea of Japan
V. V. Ivanov

Analytic model of magnetotelluric sounding distorted by displacement effect
M. N. Berdichevskiy, N. S. Golubtsova, V. A. Kulikov, and V. P. Borisova

The dc field of a circular electric dipole
V. S. Mogilatov and A. V. Zlobinskiy

Magnetism and phase composition of hemoilmenites synthesized under hydrothermal conditions
V. I. Trukhin, V. A. Zhilyaeva, V. Yu. Safroshkin, A. N. Nekrasov, and A. N. Konilov

Synfold magnetization: Estimation of its direction and geological implications
S. V. Shipunov

On the Hercynian deformation in the near-polar Urals from paleomagnetic data
A. G. Iosifidi and A. N. Khramov

Variation in elastic properties of a medium with cracks of arbitrary small volume concentration
I. O. Bayuk and V. A. Kalinin

Rotation of wave polarization planes in anisotropic media
A. S. Vshivtsev, D. V. Peregudov, and A. V. Tatarintsev

Advantages of processing Earth tidal observations with the use of residual curves
E. A. Boyarskiy, V. A. Volkov, and L. V. Afanas'yev

A method of ray tomography based on data of azimuthal anomalies of surface waves
T. B. Yanovskaya

The depth of seafloor frequency soundings: A two-layer bottom model
L. L. Van'yan and Z. U. Dzhatieva

Some regularities in formation of remanent magnetization in chemical transformations accompanied by variations in Curie points of minerals
V. I. Belokon', A. S. Kuchma, and I. V. Soppa

On a recursive low-pass filter for gravity and magnetic data processing
M. S. Denisov

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