Volume 34, Number 1, August 1994
Russian Edition January - February 1994


On the influence of topography and stratification on planetary waves in the ocean (two-layer model)
G. M. Reznik and T. V. Tsybaneva

On compensated eddies with minimal enstrophy
V. F. Kozlov

Components of meridional freshwater and heat transports in the Atlantic Ocean
S. A. Dobrolyubov

Deep convection in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea
I. F. Gertman, I. M. Ovchinnikov, and Yu. I. Popov

Red sea water lens formation in Arabian Sea
G. I. Shapiro, S. L. Meshchanov, and A. B. Polonsky

Combined hydrologic and acoustic study of the polar front in the Barents Sea by contact and remote sensing techniques
A. V. Berezutskii, S. E. Maximov, V. G. Rogionov, and V. E. Sklyarov

Refractive indexes of marine bacteria in the visible spectral band
A. M. Kokorin, O. V. Kopelevich, and K. S. Shifrin

A chemical model of seawater based on Pitzer's metod
P. Ya. Tishchenko

Anaerobic processes in the northeast tropical Pacific
V. I. Gubanov and A. N. Zubakina

New ideas on dissolved matter distribution in the Black Sea
N. I. Torgunova

Heavy metal distribution in biochemical pools of aquatic macrophyte tissues
I. V. Tropinin, E. Yu. Zolotuhina, and K. S. Burdin

Composition and distribution of picophytoplankton in the open area of the Black Sea in winter
Ye. N. Kokurkina and A. S. Mikaelyan

Simulating measurements of copepod gut passage time
V. B. Tseytlin

Modelling the effect of Mnemiopsis on the Black Sea plankton community
L. P. Lebedeva and E. A. Shushkina

The distribution of pelagic macroplankton (mysids, euphausiids, and decapods) over the continental slope and seamounts of the western Indian Ocean
A. L. Vereshchaka

On the cod migrations to the inshore waters of Novaya Zemlya
V. P. Ponomarenko

Estimation of fractal dimension of the global relief
S. S. Ivanov

Morphology of the Eastern Active Segment of the St. Paul fracture zone (the Equatorial Atlantic)
G. V. Agapova

New data on growth rates of eastern south pacific ferromanganese nodules
I. E. Vlasova and V. M. Kuptsov

Native copper and copper-zinc aggregate clasts in sediments at station 674, in the northeast Pacific Ocean
L. E. Shterenberg and B. I. Voronin

Mechanics of particle detachment under the action of coherent structures in water flows (a model for filtration suspension)
S. G. Beloshapkova and A. V. Beloshapkov

Towed scanning multiprobe chain - "Thermohalotral"
V. T. Paka, G. A. Bambizov, N. N. Golenko, Ye. P. Zarubin, V. A. Maslov, and A. P. Podufalov

The method of investigation of chemical exchange across the water-sediment interface in open sea-bottom system
A. V. Vershinin, A. B. Gornitsky, A. V. Egorov, and A. G. Rosanov

On the 60th anniversary of the oldest marine fishery research institute in Russia
B. N. Kotenev

S. G. Oradovskii: On his 60th birthday

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