Volume 34, Number 2, October 1994
Russian Edition March - April 1994


Vertical water exchange in deep basins of the Baltic Sea
R. V. Ozmidov

Antarctic jets
V. A. Burkov

TS-analysis of the Black Sea waters
O. I. Mamayev, V. S. Arkhipkin, and V. S. Tuzhilkin

Dynamics of a thin layer of high-density water near an inclined bottom
V. V. Zhmur and D. V. Nazarenko

Dependence of fine-structure intensity upon mean hydrological parameters at the subarctic frontal zone of the Pacific
N. P. Kuzmina, V. M. Zhurbas, and A. M. Sagdiev

Relationship between characteristics of the mesoscale and fine structure in the antarctic polar front zone
G. I. Shapiro and M. V. Yemel'yanov

Structure and synoptic variability of the subarctic front in the northwest Pacific Ocean
K. T. Bogdanov and S. V. Gladyshev

A method of detailed tsunami zoning for coastal Aniva Bay
V. N. Khramushin and G. V. Shevchenko

Composition of elements in ocean and seawater: Macrokinetics of formation
V. D. Korzh

Rare earth elements in standard samples of iron-manganese ores and red clays
A. V. Dubinin and G. N. Baturin

Inorganic nitrogen uptake by Black Sea microplankton in connection with hydrochemical conditions
O. V. Krivenko and A. L. Lukjanova

Modeling of chemobiological cycles in the White Sea: Calculations of seasonal variability of carbon compounds
E. V. Yakushev and G. Ye. Mikhaylovskiy

Seasonal variations of mesoplankton biomass in the surface layer of the Bering Sea and the northwest Pacific
V. B. Tseytlin, V. Ya. Kitain, and Yu. A. Rudyakov

Changes in the age composition of dominant copepod species in the Cooperation Sea (Antarctica) in 1977-1990
E. V. Budnichenko

Growth and production of the dominant species of bivalves in Tiksi Bay of the Laptev Sea
A. Y. Gukov

Terrigenous flux in the Indian Ocean in the Cretaceous-Neogene time
A. Levitan

Peculiarities of bitumoids composition in metalliferous sediments of the East Pacific Rise
T. G. Chernova

Oil genesis in Cenozoic formations of the Bulgarian continental slope
V. Y. Trotsyuk, Y. M. Berlin, and M. M. Marina

Characteristics of the shelf break relief in the north Caucasus
F. A. Shcherbakov and N. V. Yesin

Cross-shore sediment transport and short-term changes of beach profiles in the near-shore zone
I. O. Leont'yev

The Relation between erosional-accumulative forms of bottom relief and nearbottom currents in the Bornholm deep
V. V. Sivkov and N. I. Sviridov

Determination of characteristics of horizontal motions of a ship by means of acoustic method
V. I. Volovov and M. S. Klyuyev

A probe for vertical profiling of currents and hydrologic elements
V. M. Kushnir

International session on "Transfer Processes in the Ocean and their Laboratory Models" (August 31 - September 2, 1993, Moscow)
Yu. D. Chashechkin

Comprehensive ecological investigations in the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk (24th cruise of R/V Akademic Aleksandr Nesmeyanov, 25 June - 20 August 1993)
V. V. Sapozhnikov

Complex ecological experiment to study the annual cycle of the main ecosystem elements in the northern Black Sea
V. I. Medinets, L. N. Gruzov, and I. G. Orlova

Shelf Relief of the World Ocean by A. S. Ionin (Nauka, Moscow, 255 pp., 1992)
V. P. Zenkovich

Review of Dictionary of Geographical Names of Ocean Bottom Features Edited by G. V. Agapova (Russian Academy of Sciences, Geological Institute, 340 pp., Moscow, 1992)
A. O. Masarovich

Kir Nazimovich Nesis (On his sixtieth birthday)

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