Volume 34, Number 3, December 1994
Russian Edition May - June 1994


Synergetic mechanisms of formation of ordered structures in the ocean: an overview
S. S. Muraviev and R. V. Ozmidov

Response of the upper ocean layer to stochastic atmospheric forcing
N. A. Diansky, S. N. Moshonkin, and S. Yu. Sokolov

Vertical structure and space-time variability of hydrophysical fields in the centers of Black Sea quasistationary cyclonic gyres in winter
L. B. Moskalenko, A. S. Osadtchy, and V. B. Titov

Thermohaline characteristics of the shelf fronts the in western Bering Sea
A. V. Verkhunov

On the excitation of vertically standing tidal internal waves in open ocean
V. V. Novotryasov

On internal waves at the continental shelf and slope of northwest Africa (by optical data)
M. A. Evdoshenko

On the Tyrrhenian Sea-air turbulent exchange variation in the winter season
N. A. Romanova and A. G. Butorin

Hydrocarbons in the interface zones of the Gulf of Riga and the Gulf of Finland
I. A. Nemirovskaya

On comparative quantitative estimation of chemical exchange at the sediment-water interface (Southeast Atlantic)
A. V. Vershinin and V. V. Bogdanovskaya

Comparative characteristics of polychaete taxocenes in Pevek Strait, Chaun Bay, and Long Strait
S. Yu. Gagaev

Bathyal zone of the ocean as a place for preservation of faunistic relics
O. N. Zezina

Warm-water squids and pelagic octopuses in the Far Eastern seas
K. N. Nesis

Mesoscale distribution features of the purpleback squid sthenoteuthis oualaniensis with reference to the structure of the upper quasi-homogeneous layer in the West Indian Ocean
B. G. Trotsenko and M. A. Pinchukov

On transit and accumulation of suspended matter on shelves
F. A. Shcherbakov

Evaluation of the near-bottom sediment concentration suspended by waves
S. M. Antsyferov

Terrigenous fluxes to the North Atlantic in Cretaceous to Neogene times and factors in terrigenous process evolution
M. A. Levitan

Recent history of the Bering Strait
A. A. Svitoch and E. E. Taldenkova

Peculiarities of diatom thanatocenoses formation in the sediments of the Eurasian Arctic seas
Ye. I. Polyakova

Morphology of palinuro and poseidon seamounts (southeastern Tyrrhenian Sea)
Yu. D. Yevsyukov

Method of X ray spectral fluorescent analysis of phosphor-bearing sediments
T. G. Kuz'mina and B. Bostrom

Determination of electric currents in the sea by magnetic measurements
Yu. M. Abramov, V. S. Shneyer, G. V. Busygin, T. A. Lezhnina, L. L. Vanyan, N. A. Palshin, A. M. Poray-Koshitz, V. Kh. Rukol, and A. DeSantis

Investigations of the winter regime in Syrian Waters of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
I. M. Ovchinnikov and Abu Samra Fouad

Joint Marine Science Program of Studies in the Black Sea (CoMSBlack)
U. Unluata (Turkey), D. Obri (United States), Z. Belberov (Bulgaria), A. Bologa (Romania), V. Eremeev (Ukraine), and M. Vinogradov (Russia)

Review of Monograph by Eduard M. Litvinov Introduction to Marine Geophysics Edited by O. L. Kuznetsov, Nedra, St. Petersburg, 185 pp., 1993.
A. M. Gorodnitsky

Boris Vasil'yevich Shekhvatov (On the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday)

Professor Andre Guilcher (1913-1993)
Yu. S. Dolotov

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