Volume 34, Number 4, February 1995
Russian Edition July - August 1994


On conditions for five-wave resonant interactions of surface gravity waves
V. P. Krasitskii and N. G. Kozhelupova

The role of boundary effects in the deepwater exchange in the Baltic Sea
R. V. Ozmidov

On the formation of mesoscale inhomogeneities of the matter concentration field in a local upwelling zone of the ocean
K. A. Korotenko

Fronts in the Kuril Islands region
S. V. Gladyshev

Physical mechanisms of the temperature anomalies evolution in the ocean upper mixed layer in middle latitudes
S. N. Moshonkin and N. A. Dianskiy

Mechanics of particle detachment under the action of coherent structures in water flow (turn over model)
S. G. Beloshapkova and A. V. Beloshapkov

Experimental study and numerical modeling of the interaction between an emerged air bubble and sea surface
V. K. Goncharov and N. Yu. Klement'eva

Unification of the parametric integral wind wave model for nearshore shoal (shoaling and surf zones)
G. V. Matushevskiy and I. M. Kabatchenko

The role of magnesium at homogeneous precipitation of calcium carbonate from seawater
O. S. Pokrovskiy and V. S. Savenko

A comparison of two methods for total phosphorus determination in seawater ( persulfate digestion by Koroleff-Valderrama and digestion with magnesium nitrate )
A. P. Nedashkovskiy, D. A. Khokhlov, N. N. Salikova, and V. V. Sapozhnikov

Chlorophyll in the western Bering Sea
N. V. Mordasova

Fluxes of nutrients between benthic and planktic communities in the coastal zone of the Barents Sea
L. L. Kuznetsov and L. E. Volkovskaya

Planktic infusoria in oligotrophic waters of the ocean
N. I. Tumantseva

The daily vertical migration of Antarctic copepods beneath the ice
V. B. Tseitlin, E. N. Kolosova, and I. A. Melnikov

Food web of juvenile Antarctic fish
E. A. Pachomov, S. A. Pankratov, T. A. Gorelova, and

The system of storage and processing of oceanological data
V. Ya. Kitain and Yu. A. Rudyakov

Relict sulfide mounds at the TAG hydrothermal field of the mid-Atlantic Ridge (26oN, 45oW)
Yu. A. Bogdanov, E. G. Gurvich, V. M. Kuptsov, N. A. Rimskiy-Korsakov, A. M. Sagalevich, P. A. Rona, and M. D. Hunnington

Lithological features of the submerged island slope of Cuba
N. A. Aybulatov, V. V. Kalinenko, and L. A. Simonenko

Late Quaternary paleoceanology of the North Atlantic based on radiolaria analysis data
A. G. Matul'

Seafloor spreading in the Red Sea-Gulf of Aden region from geomagnetic and geothermal data
E. V. Verzhbitskiy and A. A. Shreider

Investigation of the bottom sediment profiling method in the deep ocean by means of ship noise analysis
B. F. Kuryanov and A. I. Vedenev

Ecosystem dynamics of the Bering and Chukchi Seas: Fourth Russian-American expedition (55th cruise of the R/V Okean, July 23 to October 2, 1993)
A. V. Tsyban'

Seismic survey on the Iceland-Faeroe rise (The 30th cruise of the R/V Professor Shtokman, May 11 to July 25, 1993)
V. V. Sedov

Rational utilization of the coastal zone (International Conference in Turkey)
R. D. Kosyan and N. V. Yesin

Artem Aramovich Geodekyan (On his 80th birthday)

Sergei Leonidovich Solovyev (April 12, 1930 to March 9, 1994)

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