Volume 34, Number 6, June 1995
Russian Edition November - December 1994


The North Atlantic current by the Atlantex 90 experiment data
V. A. Bubnov

Thermohaline structure and water circulation in the South China Sea
K. T. Bogdanov and V. V. Moroz

Local sound channels in the Caribbean Sea
N. P. Bulgakov and O. D. Lomakin

Balanced hydrodynamic model of meridional heat transport in the ocean
L. V. Nechvolodov

A simple model of salination of the Black Sea
O. I. Mamaev

Influence of dissolved organic matter on the kinetics of homogeneous precipitation of aragonite in seawater
O. S. Pokrovskiy and V. S. Savenko

Thallium in particulate matter in river estuaries of the Arctic Ocean and in the Black Sea basins
V. N. Oreshkin and E. G. Gurvich

Primary production and chlorophyll a in the Black Sea in winter and autumn seasons
D. K. Krupatkina and G. P. Berseneva

Size structure of the phytoplankton in the northwest Atlantic in September 1991
V. V. Vavilova, L. V. Georgieva, and E. N. Kokurkina

Parasagitta elegans Verrill (chaetognaths) in waters of Spitsbergen Archipelago
S. V. Timofeev

Shelf communities of foraminifera in the Sea of Okhotsk
Kh. M. Saidova

Forming of the relief and sediment distribution within the Congo canyon and its fan
S. L. Nikiforov and S. D. Nikolaev

On the problem of paleoceanological evolution of the Reykjanes ridge region (North Atlantic) during the last deglaciation based on a study of radiolaria
A. G. Matul'

Age of radiolaria from ferromanganese nodules of the Clarion-Clipperton province (Pacific Ocean) and the problem of nodule unsinkability
M. S. Barash and S. B. Kruglikova

Sedimentation and paleogeography of the Cariaco deep in the Upper Pleistocene and Holocene
A. I. Blazhchishin and N. P. Lukashina

On manganese nodule distribution at a study area in the Clarion-Clipperton region
A. V. Ilyin, A. N. Ivakin, and Yu. P. Lysanov

An analysis of the macrozoobenthos distribution on the Novaya Zemlya shelf of the Barents Sea by the method of self-organizing simulation based on underwater photography
V. B. Pogrebov, E. G. Goncharova, A. V. Yakovlev, and

Integrated detailed investigations of the shelf bottom in the Gulf of Mexico using underwater vehicles
A. M. Sagalevich, N. A. Rimski-Korsakov, and R. V. Pavlov

International symposium on spectral characteristics of sea current fields and their role in dispersion and mixing processes March 8-9, 1994, The Hague, The Netherlands
G. C. van Dam and R. V. Ozmidov

Double diffusion (thermohaline) convection, AGU Chapman's Conference (November 3-6, 1993, Scottsdale, Arizona)
Yu. D. Chashechkin

Fortieth cruise of the R/V Professor Mul'tanovskiy, in support of World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE)
V. P. Tereshchenkov, V. A. Konnov, and S. A. Dobrolyubov

International symposium Radiolaria: use in stratigraphy, paleogeography, and paleotectonics (November 18-19, 1993, Moscow)
S. B. Kruglikova and V. S. Vishnevskaya

Yuriy Alexandrovich Bogdanov (On his 60th birthday)

Alexander Vasilyevich Zhivago (On his 80th birthday)

Oleg Ivanovich Mamaev (November 7, 1925 to August 28, 1994)

Vladimir Grigoriyvich Kort (July 4, 1913 to May 15, 1994)

Vsevolod Pavlovich Zenkovich (February 4, 1910 to August 15, 1994)

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