Volume 35, Number 1, August 1995
Russian Edition January -February 1995


Influence of synoptic eddies on recirculation gyre of the Gulf Stream
V. M. Kamenkovich and B. V. Kharkov

The zonal model of carbon dioxide global cycle in the atmosphere-ocean system
E. I. Nefedova and A. M. Tarkos

Cross correlation of integral hydrophysical characteristics in the north subarctic front region
A. Yu. Aleksandrochkin and K. P. Belyaev

A comparative analysis of the methods of optimal and variational interpolation of data on the velocity of oceanic currents
G. G. Panteleev and Yu. B. Filyushkin

On the role of residual displacements of ocean bottom in tsunami generation by underwater earthquakes
S. F. Dotsenko and S. L. Soloviev

Peculiarities of inertial and tidal oscillations of current velocity and temperature in the MEGAPOLYGON experiment
K. V. Konyayev and E. G. Morozov

Interannual variability of deep convection in the Greenland Sea
G. V. Alekseev, V. V. Ivanov, and A. A. Korablyev

On variations in salt composition of marine water due to differential transport across density interfaces in the ocean
A. G. Zatsepin, O. K. Suvorov, A. M. Pavlov, and N. N. Ural'tsev

Spatial variability of the potassium-salinity ratio in the northeast Atlantic water masses
V. K. Goncharov, A. V. Koleganov, V. F. Zavyalov, and Yu. I. Lyakhin

On the vertical distribution of hydrogen sulfide in deep waters of the Black Sea
L. N. Neretin and I. I. Volkov

Seston and zooplankton of the Bering Sea and the northwestern Pacific
V. Ya. Kitain, Yu. A. Rudyakov, and V. B. Tseitlin

Amphipods from hydrothermal vents and cold seepings on the ocean bottom
G. M. Vinogradov

The participation of gelatious animals in the formation of neutral protease pool in the seawater
G. A. Korneeva and T. A. Shiganova

Bacterial oxidation of methane in the Yenisei River estuary and the Kara Sea
B. B. Namsaraev, I. I. Rusanov, I. N. Mitskevich, E. F. Veslopolova, A. M. Bol'shakov, and A. V. Egorov

On application of models of the predator-prey type for simulation of time course of open-sea communities
S. V. Petrovskii

Distribution of metals in thalluses of red alga with special reference to their taxonomy and ecology
I. V. Tropin

Stratigraphy and composition of the stratotype core from the Gotland Deep (Baltic Sea)
E. M. Yemelyanov, E. S. Trimonis, N. P. Lukashina, V. M. Slobodyannik, K. Bostrom, P. Westman, G. Bublitz, T. Leipe, and V. M. Kuptsov

On chemical composition and material sources of oceanic suspensions
G. N. Baturin, E. M. Yemelyanov, V. L. Stryuk, and I. G. Yushina

Clay minerals in bottom sediments of Cuba and White Sea shelves: A comparison of geological and climatic controls
Yu. A. Pavlidis, F. A. Shcherbakov, and A. Ya. Shevchenko

Geoacoustic zonation of the World Ocean based on bottom topography
G. V.Bogorov and V. I. Volovov

Estimation of self-similar properties of regional topography
S. S. Ivanov

Using observations of iceberg drift for determining currents in the Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean
V. M. Radikevich and Yu. A. Romanov

Determination of acoustic parameters of manganese crusts and nodules
A. V. Bunchuk, A. E. Vovk, I. B. Esipov, and E. K. Masurov

Fourth International Symposium on Stratified Flows, Grenoble, France, June 29 to July 2, 1994
R. V. Ozmidov

Oceanological instrumentation at the exhibition in Brighton (hydrology and hydrochemistry)
D. E. Levashov, V. V. Sapozhnikov, and A. I. Zhavoronkov

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