Volume 35, Number 2, October 1995
Russian Edition March -April 1995


On the strategy of monitoring hydrophysical fields in the ocean
R. V. Ozmidov

The Black Sea: The double-diffusive process in the light of the analytical theory of T, S curves
O. I. Mamaev

On the influence of the leading tsunami wave sign on run-up height
R. Kh. Mazova and S. L. Solov'ev

Experimental investigation in the Azores current frontal zone
X. A. Ivanov and X. B. Filyushkin

The relationship between spatial and temporal variabilities in acoustic characteristics in the upper productive layer of the Norwegian Sea in summer
Yu. N. Tokarev and B. G. Sokolov

Effect of tropical cyclones on the seasonal characteristics of the active layer of the ocean
M. S. Pyermyakov and S. N. Protasov

Vertical stratification of fluorescence intensity of organic matter in the Black Sea
V. M. Sidorenko and S. A. Pakkonen

Studies of the biohydrochemical structure of the euphotic layer and primary production in the Bering Sea
V. V. Sapozhnikov and I. A. Naletova

Differentiation of Ob and Yenisei waters in the Kara Sea by alkalinity and silicate
P. A. Stunzhas

Impact waves in spatially inhomogeneous open-sea ecosystems: Localization and pattern formation
G. I. Barenblatt, M. E. Vinogradov, and S. V. Petrovskii

Characteristics of the Pacific epipelagic ecosystems based on the satellite and expedition data, Abiotic parameters, and production indices of phytoplankton
M. E. Vinogradov, E. A. Shushkina, V. I. Vedernikov, V. I. Gagarin, N. P. Nezlin, and S. V. Shebertsov

Size and depth distribution of plankton organisms in the North Pacific
V. B. Tseitlin, V. Ya. Kirain, and Yu. A. Rudyakov

Diurnal changes of the respiration rate in the comb jelly mnemiopsis leidyi in the Black Sea
N. I. Minkina and E. V. Pavlova

Marine vegetation of the Seychelles Islands and accumulation of trace elements
I. V. Dolgushina, O. V. Maksimova, and G. N. Saenko

Tectonic and magmatic aspects of the equatorial Mid-Atlantic ridge
N. M. Sushchevskaya and L. P. Volokitina

Structure of the Earth's crust within the intraplate deformation area in the Central Indian Basin
Yu. P. Neprochnov, V. V. Sedov, V. V. Bezverbnaya, A. A. Buravtsev, B. N. Grin'ko, and I. N. El'nikov

A three-dimensional model of storm-generated near-shore morphodynamics
I. O. Leont'ev

Foraminifera as indicators of water masses in the Baltic Sea and the Strait of Kattegat
N. P. Lukashina

A high-precision sound velocity meter for oceanic research
Yu. S. Il'yinykh and Yu. D. Chashechkin

On the possibility of using the electrochemical method of concentration of trace elements in oceanic chemistry and geochemistry
L. M. Gramm-Osipov

On marine hydrophysical investigations in Israel
Y. N. Pelinovskiy and T. G. Talipova

Comprehensive oceanological investigations in the Mediterranean and Black Seas: Cruise 27 of the R/V Vityaz' from September 26 to November 17, 1993
R. D. Kos'yan, V. G. Krivosheya, I. M. Ovchinnikov, and F. Abosamra

Ecosystem investigations in the Sea of Okhotsk: Cruise 21 of the R/V Akademik M. Lavrent'yev from July 20 to September 6, 1994
V. V. Sapozhnikov

The Weddell-1 Ice Drift Station in Antarctica
I. A. Myel'nikov

Review of the book by G. N. Baturin, Oceanic Ores [Nauka, Moscow, 1993, 302 pp.]
V. V. Kalinenko

Max Semenovich Barash (in commemoration of his 60th birthday)

Viktor Ivanovich Il'yichev (August 25, 1932 - September 1, 1994)

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Bubnov (April 8, 1936 - October 18, 1994)

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