Volume 35, Number 2, October 1995
Russian Edition March -April 1995

The relationship between spatial and temporal variabilities in acoustic characteristics in the upper productive layer of the Norwegian Sea in summer

Yu. N. Tokarev and B. G. Sokolov

Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Sevastopol'


The relationship between the spatial and temporal variabilities in the strength of volume backscattering of sound at a depth of 20 m was studied including mean values within individual sublayers in the upper productive layer of the Norwegian Sea. Acoustic maps were plotted for the region under study. The spatial and temporal factors contributed almost equally to the total variance of acoustic characteristics for a water layer between 20 and 50 m deep during the arctic day. In the 20 to 100 m layer the contribution of temporal variability to the total variance of volume reverberation characteristics was an order of magnitude greater than the contribution of their spatial inhomogeneity. It was revealed that the acoustic characteristics of the region are closely correlated with the biological productivity and hydrological parameters of the water masses.

Figures 5, Tables 1, References 12, Pages 176-181
Received August 12, 1993

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