Volume 35, Number 2, October 1995
Russian Edition March -April 1995

Impact waves in spatially inhomogeneous open-sea ecosystems: Localization and pattern formation

G. I. Barenblatt, M. E. Vinogradov, and S. V. Petrovskii

P. P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow


Wave dynamics of open-sea ecosystems ("impact waves'') have been considered under conditions of inhomogeneous hydrophysical fields. The effects of inhomogeneity of different types on the possibility of impact wave stopping (localization) was studied. Concentrated inhomogeneity in certain parameters affecting the life span of individuals in the population (water salinity and temperature) may cause wave localization. Otherwise, inhomogeneity in the field of current and turbulence leads only to waveform distortion and wave rate change. Inhomogeneity of the ecosystem parameters may also cause sharply inhomogeneous ("patchy'') spatial distribution of the population.

Figures 4, Tables 0, References 17, Pages 202-207
Received November 18, 1994

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