Volume 35, Number 3, December 1995
Russian Edition May -June 1995


On the generation of Rossby waves by a moving localized source with varying intensity
L. V. Andjelov, V. M. Kamenkovich, and G. M. Reznik

On determination of the large-scale circulation in an open oceanic region by the variational method
D. A. Nechaev, M. I. Yaremchuk, and K. Thompson

On the relative role of turbulent and advective factors in the dispersion of admixture patches in the sea
V. I. Zats and R. V. Ozmidov

Modeling the interaction between barotropic currents and eddies generated by a nonstationary wind
K. V. Lebedev

The structure of sound velocity field off the eastern coast of Kamchatka Peninsula
F. F. Khrapchenkov

A simulation model to study pollution dynamics in the Arctic basin
V. F. Krapivin

The basic notions of distribution of optical water properties in the Kara Sea
V. I. Burenkov, Yu. A. Gol'din, B. A. Gureev, and A. I. Sud'bin

Formation of hydrochemical structure of Mediterranean water lenses in the Atlantic near Gibraltar
Yu. F. Lukashev and Yu. I. Lyakhin

On the potassium-salinity ratio variation in the Central Atlantic waters and the ratio possible application in the investigation of the seawater dynamics
V. K. Goncharov

The hydrothermal influence on metal scavenging in the coastal areas
V. M. Shulkin

Vertical distribution of copepods in the area of Walters Shoals (southwestern Indian Ocean)
A. K. Geinrikh

The state of the main organisms in a plankton community in the Black Sea in 1993
M. E. Vinogradov, T. A. Shiganova, and V. S. Khoroshilov

The temperature range of life activity of Far Eastern trepang Stichopus japonicus in the Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan
G. S. Gavrilova

Seasonal dynamics of the chemical composition of organic matter in the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi A. Agassiz in the Black Sea
B. E. Anninsky

Macroalgae as heavy metal monitors in Black Sea littoral ecosystems
E. Yu. Zolotukhina and N. V. Radzhinskaya

Clay mineral distribution in surface sediments of the southwestern Kara Sea
E. S. Shelekhova, M. A. Levitan, Yu. A. Pavlidis, D. Nurnberg, and M. Wahsner

The Novaya Zemlya shelf in the late Quaternary
N. N. Dunaev, O. V. Levchenko, L. R. Merklin, and Yu. A. Pavlidis

A comparative analysis of magnetic properties of basalts from the Mid-Atlantic ridge and Juan de Fuca ridge
K. V. Popov, A. G. Gorshkov, A. K. Gapeev, and V. P. Shcherbakov

An optical instrument for measuring the concentration of suspended sediments during a storm in a coastal zone of the sea
R. D. Kosyan, I. S. Podymov, O. V. Pushkarev, S. Yu. Kuznetsov, N. V. Pykhov, N. N. Grishin, and D. A. Kharizomenov

Features of streamer noise during marine seismic explorations under ice conditions
V. Yu. Buravtsev

Studies of the ecological state of Baltic Shelf waters (Cruises 1 and 2 of the floating Baltic University of UNESCO)
V. N. Vorobyev, L. N. Karlin, R. T. Koon, and A. E. Suzimov

Ecological crisis affecting ecosystems of the Southern Seas (A review of the book The Southern Seas (Aral, Caspian, Azov, and Black Seas) under Anthropogenic Stress by V. I. Kuksa (Gidrometeoizdat, St. Petersburg, 319 pp., 1994)
M. E. Vinogradov

Review of a book by N. A. Aibulatov and Yu. A. Artyukhin: Geology of the World Ocean Shelves and Coasts (Gidrometeoizdat, St. Petersburg, 1993, 304 pp.)
A. P. Lisitsyn

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