Volume 35, Number 5, April 1996
Russian Edition September - October 1995


On the reflection of stationary low-frequency waves from a coast in a mid latitude ocean: The rectilinear western coast
V. M. Kamenkovich and B. I. Sebekin

Background currents in the Sea of Japan (a barotropic model)
V. F. Kozlov and V. G. Makarov

On eddy disturbances in the Baltic Sea
A. G. Novitskiy

On dynamics of the hydrothermal flows from local heat sources ("black smokers") on the ocean bottom
N. N. Korchagin and A. G. Gumilevsky

In situ investigations of electromagnetic field fluctuations induced by surface and internal waves
A. N. Rutenko

Sulfur compounds in water and sediments in sea and river waters mixing zones
Liu Lei, I. I. Volkov, and V. P. Strizhov

Fatty acid composition of the iron-manganese nodules and surrounding sediments in the Pacific and Indian Oceans
O. A. Aleksandrova and V. F. Poluyaktov

On the variability of radioactive background in the ocean
P. Ya. Tishchenko, Yu. M. Kharlamov, and A. I. Myagkikh

Characterization of epipelagic ecosystems of the Pacific Ocean on the basis of the satellite and field observations: The plankton stock in the epipelagial
E. A. Shushkina, M. E. Vinogradov, S. V. Sheberstov, N. P. Nezlin, and V. I. Gagarin

Characteristics of zooplankton distribution in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean of the Kurils during the Summers of 1992 and 1993
E. I. Musaeva and E. G. Kolosova

Theoretical analysis of optical spectra of algal absorption
L. E. Paramonov

Euphausiid larvae in the southern part of the Pacific sector of Antarctic in February to March, 1992
N. M. Voronina

Euphausiids in the Laptev Sea
S. F. Timofeev

The role of squids in the Sea of Okhotsk communities
V. V. Lapko

Iceberg-rafted coarse material in the North Atlantic and in the King trough (observations from Mir submersibles)
A. P. Lisitsyn and G. S. Kharin

Magnetic properties of Gorringe ridge serpentinites
V. V. Matveenkov, A. G. Gorshkov, K. V. Popov, and V. Y. Safroskin

On the genesis of the East-Kuril magnetic anomaly
A. A. Andreev

The processes of sedimentation related to anthropogenic loads in the Gulf of Finland
Ye. M. Yemelyanov

Seismic tomography of the oceanic crust: Problem statement and experiment technique
Yu. P. Neprochnov

Sensor for measuring of microstructure of dissolved oxygen in the ocean
A. B. Ezersky, S. A. Kirillov, D. A. Selivanovsky, B. M. Sandler, P. A. Stunzhas, and I. A. Shereshevsky

The 27th Liege Colloquium on ocean hydrodynamics
R. V. Ozmidov

Problems of the Global Change investigation on the coasts of the World Ocean, environmental conservation and reasonable use of the coastal zones (International conference in France)
Yu. S. Dolotov

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