Volume 35, Number 6, February 1996
Russian Edition November - December 1995


On Space Time Scales of Oceanic and Atmospheric Processes
O. I. Mamayev (deceased)

Steric oscillations of the Black Sea level
V. S. Arkhipkin and V. Yu. Berezhnoi

A comparative analysis of the water mass characteristics in the transatlantic section along 36oN
S. A. Dobrolyubov, V. P. Tereshchenkov, and A. V. Sokov

Dynamic effects of cabbeling on thermocline structure
N. P. Fofonoff

Parameters and dynamics of Gulf Stream meanders between Cape Hatteras and Flemish Cap bank
I. M. Yashayayev

Meridional volume and heat transport by large-scale geostrophic currents in the Pacific Sector of the Antarctic
M. N. Koshlyakov and T. G. Sazhina

Convective mass transport in the underice layer of winter fractures in the Arctic basin
P. N. Golovin

On the variability of the thermohaline structure of shelf and slope waters off Long Island
A. I. Ginzburg, N. P. Kuzmina, V. E. Sklyarov, and A. S. Kazmin

Experimental study of the first stage of Mediterranean water lens formation
B. N. Filyushkin and E. A. Plakhin

Experimental modeling of CaCO3 precipitation under photosynthetic conditions in seawater
O. S. Pokrovskiy and V. S. Savenko

Modeling of the vertical distribution of particulate organic carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in the southwestern Pacific
O. K. Bordovskiy and E. V. Yakushev

Food consumption by scyphistomae of the Jellyfish Aurelia aurita in the Black Sea
E. A. Tsikhon-Lukanina, O. G. Reznichenko, and T. A. Lukasheva

Fish migrations in the Barents Sea on the basis of marking
V. P. Ponomarenko

Summer feeding habits of the Dolly Varden in the Bering Sea
A. F. Volkov, V. I. Chuchukalo, V. I. Radchenko, A. Ya. Efimkin, and N. A. Kuznetsova

Physical properties of late quaternary sediments of the Kara Shelf and conditions of their formation
N. N. Dunaev, M. A. Levitan, and V. M. Kuptsov

Bitumoids in the bottom sediments from the deformation zone in the central Indian Ocean basin
T. G. Chernova, Yu. I. Pikovskiy, A. I. Ogloblina, and T. A. Alekseeva

Investigation of deep-sea ferromanganese crusts on Ita-Maitai Guyot by means of bottom photography
E. V. Zhuleva

Atomic fluorescence determination of tallium in sea, river, and silt waters and in suspended matter using direct atomization of powders and concentrates
V. N. Oreshkin and G. L. Vnukovskaya

Comparison of various zooplankton sampling tools based on catches in the Bering Sea
E. I. Musaeva and N. P. Nezlin

Russian-Swiss Studies in the Black Sea (R/V Akvanavt, September 30 to October 7, 1994)
V. G. Krivosheya and F. Niffeler

Hydrochemistry of the World Ocean database
O. K. Bordovskiy and Yu. R. Nalbandov

Alexander Georgievich Rozanov

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