Introduction to Translated Journals

Five Russian geophysical journals are translated and published by the American Geophysical Union under agreement with RAO (Russian Authors Society) and in close coperation with the Editorial Boards of Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics, Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, Geotectonics, Oceanology, and Physics of the Solid Earth. This work is done under supervision of the Translation board of AGU.

Since 1993 camera ready copies (CRC) of journals are prepared using computer based technology under Grant Agreement between AGU and Geophysical Center of Russian Academy of Sciences.

By-products of this technology were used to produce electronic version of printed on paper (POP) journals listed above. Note, that these are not full featured electronic journals like, for example Earth Interactions developed by AGU in cooperation with AMS and AAG.

Current electronic version of Russian geophysical journals published in Russian in 1994-1995 contain no more information than original POP versions but produce an additional important dimension. Using on-line access to journals one can get:

The full featured experimental version was developed to demonstrate possible approaches to electronic publishing. Decisions concerning final form of journals and access policy will be defined by the AGU Publishing Directorat. Term experimental is to be applied only to the software, clip art and composition developed and used by the AGU's contractor in Moscow to produce these pages. Contents of the papers are just the same as in POP version and protected by copyright of the American Geophysical Union.

This server appeared as a result of common effort of several people but the key-figures in this project are: Vitaly Nechitailenko (project co-ordination and information management) and Alexander Mikoyan (technical support).

Technical information about this server and necessary software is available at the Technical Page.

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Last revision February 8, 1996